VPN technology is used to convert the public network into the private network using the encrypted tunnel to have secured flow of the communication between the systems. It provides you a private, secure connection to other networks available over the internet. It gives you the authority to access those websites and pages that are restricted in a particular area. The VPN also secure your data and system from the people who are trying to access them.

Various purposes for which VPN is preferred

  • It is mostly used by the business officials when they are traveling from one place to another and want to access their business network for any critical communication or data transfer. It is used to secure the data and ensure the encrypted data transfer from one system to another.


  • You can easily access your home network when you have gone on any vacation. You can easily set up your home network to control it from the remote computer system. You can easily share the files in the local area network very safely without the interference of any other user.



  • The best thing about the VPN is that you can hide the browsing activities that you have performed on your computer system. The websites you have accessed will the flag mark of NON-HTTP sites which are impossible to access by the other users who will try to view your browsing history. You apply the VPN on your system the all the traffic will be on one network and your browsing activities will be accessed on the other web. But it can lead to one problem in which the traffic will be logged at the end of the network.


  • The communication between the big websites is secured using the VPN because the connection is managed through the encrypted tunnel, which leads to safer processing of the information. They are big companies who have added VPN to their sites, and the company has two branches head branch and the public branch, so through VPN, only the employees of the company can access the system. No third person can even try to access the websites.



  • They are good option to destroy the block enabled on some of the websites which are not possible to access in the particular region, and when to apply VPN on your system you can easily access these websites by connecting to VPN of that country